BP Portrait Award 2015

After intending to for a few years now, this year I have entered the BP Portrait award competition. The portrait I submitted is of my daughter, Eva, it is painted in oil on board and is 30cm x 45cm.  I have a real love of portraiture and would be happy to simply make it through to the final selection of such an auspicious award! 


  • Well done Karl. Just like you I dreamt of entering this competition way back (in 1993 but was not eligible as I had just moved to the UK in 1992). I’m glad you finally got round to doing it. Here’s wishing you all the best. I’ll be attending this year in hope to see your work on display. Good luck, it’s a very lovely piece.

    John on
  • Really beautiful work Karl.

    Billie Ireland on
  • I would give my two front teeth to be able to paint like this.

    San Gottschalk on
  • this is a lovely painting. Thank you.

    Heide on
  • I am in awe of your ability to capture the life and light in your subjects when you paint their portraits. If I won the lottery this week (or next!!!) I would want to own the portraits of your children, your friend the Saville Row tailor, Paul Smith and possibly my favourite the full figure of your friend in the hat, sitting thinking of nothing in particular in the sunshine. Thank you for the pleasure you give in sharing your work with us ?

    Janet Ellis on

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